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Meet Full-Throttle Conservative Jessica Taylor

It's long past time serious conservatives like us rise-up and finish Trump’s mission of draining the swamp. As Alabama’s next conservative U.S. Senator, everyday I will employ the same tenents that have driven how I raise my children, grow a successful small business, and improve my community - God,Grace & Grit.

-Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor

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Door to Door
Right to life

Life begins at conception. Period. Every life is worth speaking up for and defending. Unapologetically pro-life, I will fight the extreme left’s culture of death with God’s grace and every ounce of my grit.

Defend Freedom - Defend the Second Amendment

The Constitution says our right to bear arms “shall not be infringed” – period. Jessica will hold the line against radical gun-grabbing politicians that want to destroy the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Enforce US Sovereignty - Build Trump’s Wall

While Kamala believes our country’s sovereignty is a laughing matter, I do not. As Alabama’s next U.S. Senator I will put my full force of will into building Trump’s wall and locking down the border for good. Lives, communities, and the future of our country depends on getting this done.

Drain the Swamp - Enact Term Limits

We need a return to true citizen legislators as our Founding Fathers intended. I support term limits for Congress to get rid of career politicians and help drain the swamp.

Support Our Veterans - Never Leave One Behind

The sacrifices our veterans make are vital to ensuring peace and freedom throughout the world and I will make sure Washington never leaves a soldier or veteran behind.

Stop Corporate Wokism - End Sweetheart Deals

If corporate leaders want to force their partisan liberal values on us, then they should no longer receive any tax-breaks, sweetheart deals, or government contract.

Secure Elections - Combat Voter Fraud

For our great American experiment to continue, we must restore trust in our nation’s electoral system. That begins with strong voter ID laws that prevent non-citizens from voting, lower the potential for fraud, and ensure only law abiding, eligible voters are able to vote. I will do everything in my power to ensure all future elections are free, fair, and transparent.

“I’m fired up to take our country back. How ’bout you?